Omega Technologies was started in 2003.  Our mission then, as it is now, is to provide excellence in technology services by leveraging the power of partnerships and using powerfull open source technology.  Omega Technologies was started as a non traditional managed technology services firm.  Many small to medium sized businesses cant afford to have a full time IT staff so they have pay per call PC repairmen to fix their problems. Omega Tech goes beyond "putting out fires".  We go further to educate consumers about getting the most out of current resources and planning for growth.  We also leverage open source software to get more for the technology dollar.  We are your IT Staff when you need us.  We are your partner 24/7.  We are - The final word on technology!

Linux & Open Source

Place An Alternate Description Here!dOmega Technologies believes that Microsoft has a decent operating system in Windows XP.  However the best  thing that ever happend to promote Linux was Windows Vista.  Linux PCs are rock solid and almost 100% virus resistant.  If you are looking for an affordable desktop replacement consider a linux deskttop from us.  We also have custom built Linux servers supported by the number one, tier 2,
vendor.  Whatever your need we can provide you with the hardware and the services to make you a success.  


Microsoft Certifies Partner!dSome small businesses and enterprises rely on Microsoft products every day to complete some mission critical apps.  Omega Technologies takes pride in becoming a MS Certified Partner and we have partnered with a MS Gold Partner to provide the most complete and lowest cost Microsoft solutions.  Whatever your needs we can get your infratructure ready for business turnkey with Microsoft products.  Contact us to get a customized solution  designed and implemented by professionals.  We are professioanls serving professionals.

Company Highlights

  • Omega Tech strives to continually improve our productline and services.  Because we believe in secure and frequent backups we have partnered with the nations top online backup provider.
  • Read the blog for interesting points of view and company updates
  • Omega Technologies Labs is constantly involved in projects.  Join one with us.
  • One of our 2008 goals is to become a trusted saas (software as a service).  Therefore we have created the CRM Counter where you can stop by and get all of your Customer Relationship Management in on place.  If you need a better way to keep up with your customers and orders we have the solution for you .  Sugar CRM is the leading open source CRM Manager available.

Current Projects

Omega Technologies is expanding.  Soon we will be serving the entire Gulf Coast region of the US.  Our Managed security and secure online backup applications already serve Health Care Facilities, churches, Engineering companies and more locally and in remote locations managed in a central office.  An undisclosed municipal customer recently signed a contract with us to provide Spam filtering services .
Tru to our open source passion we are developing an affordable mythtv solution.

Edge Security

The world of network security is ever changing.  We can keep you ahead of the curve with our  hosted and on site security solutions custom designed for you to defend the maximum surface area of your network.

Featured Product

Multi-Tech Voip Gateway
Multi-Tech Voip applications provide toll-free voice and fax communications over the Internet or Intranet.